you may email or call Madame 9 @ 347-542-0235
Calling is the fastest way to reach Me, any time between 9 am and 9 pm is a perfect time to call, leaving a message if I do not pick up is recommended. Please do not text. Weekends are very hit miss when it comes to calling or answering email.
Emailing Me to introduce yourself is the great way to initially introduce yourself if you feel a tad shy about calling.

  • Impress Me or
  • tell me your full name
  • your age ( no one considered under 40)
  • your occupation
  • where you are located
  • a phone number to reach you at is also appreciated…

I answer email when I can obtain a secure connection.
GENERALLY I answer email once every 12-24 hours, generally but not always.

madame9 @madame