Please do not ask Me to join you for a meal off the clock or a chat off the clock. My consulting with you i.e. speaking, guiding you is what I am compensated for.

If your initial email and phone call goes great, we schedule an initial in person interview.
I will expect you to share personal information during our phone conversation, if not provided in the intro email you sent Madame 9, if you are uncomfortable with providing personal info, figure out how to tempt Me to entertain meeting you.
We will then set up a time to meet and a confirmation time to call Madame 9 to confirm said appointment.

To totally break this down, 'cos that was confusing
1. you email or call to introduce yourself.
1a. we talk
2. we set up an initial interview,
2a. you call to confirm the day before
4. we meet the next day for our initial interview, of course we will talk again that morning.
The initial tribute will be placed in a envelope and given to Me over coffee.

This is just like a job interview. If you screw this up, this is far beyond an incompetent office slut fantasy or role play, because we all know incompetent sluts mess up, slaves mess up, sissy boys and naughty school boys are extremely unruly and need proper correction and guidance but they do not disrespect Madame 9's time and schedule.

The initial public interview is the perfect way to make sure we are both comfortable. This way we have a solid base and expectations, once we have meet we can then set up our first consultation…

Initial interview are public interviews
30 mins @ 100
1 hour @ 200 this is a 1 hour lunch or dinner
Public interview.

Fees after Initial Consultation:
1 hour 450- 350 depends on where and what is involved in your fetish
90 mins 500
2 hours 600

This is not a Private consultation this is a
cuppa, a meal, a nosh and an initial interview. you are Taking Madame 9 to lunch or coffee, if you do not have the time, then I am not the proper Goddess.